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YouTube CEO defends decision not to kick Logan Paul from the platform entirely

In the wake of Logan Paul’s controversial behaviour, YouTube has faced increasing pressure to kick the online celebrity from its platform entirely. CEO Susan Wokcicki has defended the platform’s decision to temporarily suspend Paul’s advertisement revenue as sufficient punishment for the crime and that the controversial content creator hadn’t actually …

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Razer to suspend its Paid to Play program in March

For the past year, Razer has been experimenting with its own points reward system, allowing players to play eligible games with its Cortex desktop software running in the background to earn digital currency. Razer has announced that this “Paid to Play” scheme will be suspended as of March 1st due …

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Loot boxes might soon be classified as gambling in Sweden

Following the announcement that Germany’s Youth Protection Commission is considering an outright ban on loot boxes, Sweden will potentially be classifying the practice as gambling by early 2019. The shift in categorisation would mean that any game to include loot boxes would be subject to much harsher regulations under Swedish …

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PUBG gets update 8 on the Xbox One

A brand new update for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on the Xbox One has landed, as Update 8 brings the return of increased vehicle damage and a wave of bug fixes. Unfortunately for some fans, the more game breaking bug that results in players being kicked to their dashboard isn’t a part …

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