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From simple, tiny audio players to the latest in HD video, Apple offers a lot of choices – KitGuru’s testing will make that choice much easier.

iPod touch photos showing capacitive home button leaked

Images of an iPod touch with a non physical home button have leaked on the internet. Many are claiming that this is an upcoming model of the iPod with a capacitive home button. Apple have sold over 55 million iPod Touch players since they were introduced in 2007. Four generations …

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iPod Nano – leaked images show camera to come

Taiwanese Apple related blog site Apple.pro have published a leaked photo of the seventh generation iPod Nano – which is under development. It shows a camera hole in the chassis. The new model will be the same size as the current model and questions have been asked as to how …

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Apple iPod to be charged by human heart

Scientists are working on a new power system which can use the human body to supply enough power to charge electronic devices. This new milestone can use tiny movements such as the pinch of a finger to generate power. The team involved are presenting their findings at the National Meeting …

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rumoured iPod update coming next week

Brazilian news site MacMagazine are claiming that the annual refresh of the iPod lineup is coming sooner than expected between August 14th and August 16th. MacMagazine claim to have insider information from Apple sources saying that the new line up is due for release very soon. For the last four …

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Apple iPad review

‘Apple’ — It is a name synonymous with a strong emotional response. Never has a company evoked such a dramatic reaction from the enthusiast userbase – you either love ’em or hate ’em, there is little room for middle ground. I have been an Apple fan since I started my …

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Is Apple becoming the new Microsoft?

If you have been listening to the grapevine, you probably heard that Apple might soon get slapped with an Anti-Trust lawsuit. Being Apple fans, we can’t help but wonder, what is up with that? The fact is, Apple is playing just nicely on the computer front. It is their mobile …

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