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Cebit 2015: Inno3D prepares to launch affordable 3D printing

When KitGuru caught up with Inno3D CEO Ken Ho at Computex last June, he was laughing at the fact that all the visitors crowding his stand were focuses on his latest 3D printer – largely ignoring the graphic cards on show. At CeBIT 2015, Inno3D has decided to go with the flow.

While the models on display may have been launched before, it was what KitGuru learned about Inno3D's strategy that was most interesting.

“The money in 3D will come from the refills, the filaments”, we were told. “So the most important thing becomes the size of your customer base. The more customers you have, the more money you can earn from 3D printer supplies”.
Clearly, this has all the feel of the early days of the colour inkjet market, where everyone has dollar signs for eyeballs.

So, the key question: When?

“We are working on a new prototype now”, we were told. “Which will be on show at Computex and could be in stores before Christmas at £399”.

KitGuru says: We're not sure that this would be the Xmas number one toy, but £399 is not too much of a stretch for many parents – so Xmas 2015 could be the year of 3D. Wonder if the parents buying such a gift will understand the huge potential bill they're signing themselves up for after Xmas ends?

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