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Computex: EKWB releases new custom loop kits on a budget

The first day of Computex has already been very busy, and things have not let up yet as we are bringing you more news straight from the showroom floor. EKWB, premium watercooling manufacturer, has today announced a new budget lineup of custom loop cooling kits named Fluid Gaming.

The world of custom watercooling is often seen as enthusiast-only territory, but EKWB hopes to change that with this new product line. With prices starting at $150 for a full ‘loop in a box', the Fluid Gaming series looks to be quite tempting for those looking to start their custom watercooling adventure.

So far, we know that there are 3 different kits available:

  • A120 costs USD $150, has a 120mm radiator and CPU block.
  • A240 costs USD $160, has a 240mm radiator and CPU block.
  • A240G costs USD $240 and is A240 plus a GPU block for a reference Nvidia GTX 10xx card.

The kits all use the SPC60 pump/reservoir and standard G1/4 fittings, while the radiator and CPU block are made of aluminium rather than copper or brass. That being said, EKWB has said that material incompatibility means consumers should not mix-and-match Fluid Gaming kits with other available kits or components.

KitGuru says: What do you folks think about the Fluid Gaming series? It looks like a good deal for ‘budget enthusiasts' or even system integrators looking to incorporate some watercooling gear on the cheap.

Credit to Leo Waldock for additional reporting and detail.

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