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Coolermaster Computex launches Resonar bass control earphones

In a secret room on the 4th floor of the Nangang Exhibition hall in Taipei, there was a blanket ban on cameras by the Coolermaster product meisters. Imagine our surprise when we saw one of the secret squirrel samples left out in the open on the company's main stand. KitGuru snaps to it.

Everyone hears music slightly differently and we all have very specific preferences when it comes to how audio is delivered.

That said, as long as there is clarity, what could be better than access to serious volume and thumping bass?

Generating the perfect combo, is something that Coolermaster scientists have been working on.

The result is the company's latest set of earphones, complete with a bass-volume-dial on each earpiece.

Talk about fine tuning the control.



KitGuru says: When faced with the lyrics, “Bass, how low can you go?” – our urge is actually to crank it right up. While there is a certain satisfaction to clarity at the high-end, music you can feel is what gets your heart beat racing. Our initial try showed a lot of promise. Can't wait to put them through their paces in the KitGuru Labs.

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