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Computex: Ozone readies new gaming mice and RGB Cherry MX keyboard

We had a chance to catch up with Ozone this week at Computex, taking a look at their new range of peripherals, including colourful new headsets, some new gaming mice and a brand new RGB keyboard that makes use of Cherry MX switches.

P1060438 WM P1060446 WM

P1060443 WM

First up is the new Rage Z50 Glow headset, which comes in a variety of colours. Meanwhile, the Ekho H80 is a little higher-end with big drivers and 7.1 surround audio.

P1060459 WM P1060457 WM

P1060455 WM

We have reviewed quite a few Ozone mice over the last few years and have been consistently impressed but this week, we got to take a look at a few we have not seen before, including the Exon F60 , Exon F90 and the Neon M50.

P1060464 WM P1060462 WM

P1060466 WMP1060467 WM

Finally, Ozone is launched the Strike Pro Spectra, an RGB version of the Strike Pro keyboard, which uses Cherry MX switches and comes with a slew of lighting effects and presets, there is also a smaller ten-keyless version. If you aren't a big fan of flashy colours, then there is also the Strike X30 keyboard, which keeps the Cherry MX switches but removes the RGB.

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KitGuru Says: Ozone has quite a few interesting peripherals in its line-up for 2016. Are any of you currently using an Ozone mouse or keyboard? Are you looking to upgrade later this year? 

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