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Ozone launches Neon 3K gaming mouse

Ozone is expanding its mouse line-up this week with the launch of the brand new Neon 3K gaming mouse. Powered by one of the most precise mouse sensors available on the market today, Ozone's team of engineers have worked hard to deliver a top performance mouse that will satisfy even …

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Ozone Strike Pro Cherry MX Red USB keyboard review

Technology is constantly evolving but some things never change. Mechanical keyboards have been with us for so long now and yet, they are still largely considered to be the pinnacle of PC input solutions. So what keeps us coming back to this style of keyboard? Today we are looking towards the …

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Ozone hole over Antarctica causes concern

Scientists have been analysing the Ozone hole over the Antarctica and have came to a rather frightening conclusion. The hole reached its annual peak on September the 12th and stretched across 10.05 million square miles, according to a report that NASA filed yesterday. NASA work with the National Oceanographic and …

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