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Computex: QNAP launches the first Ryzen-powered NAS and more

QNAP made an appearance at Computex this year, bringing along some impressive new systems, the most interesting of which is the new Ryzen-powered NAS. This is the first NAS device to make the jump to AMD's new platform, signifying AMD's transition into other key markets beyond the desktop.

The Ryzen NAS comes with plenty of PCIe slot expansion and supports a write-cache configuration for SSDs. With such a powerful CPU under the hood, It is likely that this NAS will be adopted by content creation teams with multiple users.

QNAP began showing off the TS-453B, which looks like a decent and fairly inexpensive option for home users. It has dual GbE ports, plenty of RAM capability and expansion via the PCIe slots. There is also a Thunderbolt 3 version of this known as the RS-453BT3, which will be better for providing high speed access between maybe one or two users. Speaking of high speed access, this NAS supports 10GbE and two M.2 SSDs as write-cache drives to get really high write performance.

also got a look at the TS-431, which is a budget option and likely to be the most friendly for a first time buyer. It uses an AnnapurnaLabs processor, which is a company owned by Amazon. It has basic storage functionality for single users and file transfers.

Beyond that, QNAP has added functionality for its NAS devices to double as a server and file storage for IoT connected devices. This could be particularly interesting to those tinkering with IoT and Smart Home devices.

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