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Computex: MSI, ASRock, Biostar, PNY and Super Flower roundup

Computex is officially over and while we have already covered most of the big announcements, there are some smaller but interesting things we spotted at various booths over the course of the week. In this article, we will be rounding up some of the bits we saw at MSI, ASRock, Biostar, PNY and Super Flower. 

Obviously with the launch of X299, there were a lot of motherboards on show at ASRock’s booth, which you can see in the gallery above. There are many different gaming-oriented boards, along with the return of the Taichi board, an OC board and a Mini-ITX. The Taichi board is particularly interesting with triple M.2 slots that support RAID, and 13 total power phases and a 12-phase design for the CPU.

ASRock also had its first X399 motherboard to show off, with an 8-phase design for the CPU though this may change in the final design. There is support for three M.2 drives and U.2, plenty of x16 PCIe slots and 10Gb Ethernet support.

We had a quick catch-up with Biostar this week. They have lots of motherboards available on the cheaper side of things, including budget boards for AMD and Intel specifically for crypto currency miners. Biostar’s mini-ITX X370 board for Ryzen did make an appearance inside of a green liquid cooled PC, the EATX RACING X399 board was also in attendance.

We have covered MSI pretty extensively already over the course of Computex but there were a couple of bits we didn’t get around to yet. For starters, MSI is coming out with a GTX 1080Ti Lightning Edition, which ditches the old yellow colour scheme and opts for RGB LEDs on the cooling shroud instead. It is still a triple fan cooler intended for overclockers. There is also a GTX 1080Ti Duke on the way, which is a new model for MSI, so there are few details about it just yet. This is a triple-fan cooled version once again.

We stopped by PNY but unfortunately we got very limited information out of the reps there. They were showing off some Virtual Reality gear, SSDs, RAM, an NVMe M.2 SSD and finally, some XLR8 graphics cards.

Finally, we also stopped by Super Flower, an OEM manufacturer of power supplies (similarly to Seasonic). We often see Super Flower PSUs included in the systems put together over at Overclockers UK.

KitGuru Says: Computex is done and dusted for the year. There have been some interesting announcements this time around. What have you guys enjoyed seeing at Computex this year? Any particular standouts for you? 

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  • Lelisevis

    Good to see Super Flower still killing it, I wouldn’t buy anything else and it’s a testament to their build quality that my PSU is on it’s third build. Though be careful with your choice some of those higher wattages can be a tight squeeze in some cases and choose your colour wisely, I went with the white which is absolutely gorgeous and looked stunning in my white build…..but every build since has been gun-metal, nothing my tool-kit, some careful masking and my airbrush couldn’t remedy. Warranties are for other people.

  • TcM

    Still waiting for the seasonic 600w fanless unless super flower introduce one 🙂 still using a 1000w super flower psu from an old sli system and really can’t wait to drop down 400w 😉 (if corsair made one I’d never touch them with a barge pole until they sort out the shocking CS here in the UK)