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Computex: New GPUs and gaming gear from Sapphire

We are continuing to wrap up our Computex coverage today with a look at Sapphire's booth. Here, we got to take a look at new Nitro branded graphics cards as well as some new gaming accessories from Sapphire, which will also fall under the Nitro brand.

Going forward, Nitro is going to be an umbrella brand for Sapphire's gaming products, this will include graphics cards and accessories, such as fans. In the gallery above, you can see the new single fans that Sapphire is starting to sell, in addition to new shrouds and backplates. These new shroud and backplate replacements will allow Sapphire GPU buyers to change colours for a new look. Changing your cooler will not void your Sapphire GPU warranty.

Sapphire is staying away from the current RGB trend that so many other gaming hardware companies are going with. This is due to feedback from gamers at LAN events.

Next up, we got to take a look at the GPU selection. The Pulse range is for gamers who want good value but don't necessarily care too much about factory overclocks. Meanwhile, the Nitro+ range is Sapphire's most premium model, offering a better cooler and higher overclocks.

Beyond that, Sapphire has some Mini-ITX budget cards and a new external GPU adapter, which would work well with laptops carrying a Thunderbolt 3 port. Sapphire has also seen some demand from the crypto-currency mining community.

KitGuru Says: Beyond the external GPU adapter and new colour options for shrouds/backplates, it was mostly business as usual for Sapphire this year. Personally, I'm hoping that they will bring back the Toxic series when Vega drops but we will have to wait and see.

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