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Computex: Noctua has new fan designs and redesigned coolers for AMD

Computex might be ending today but we still have a few pieces of coverage to get through. This time around, we are focussing on Noctua, who are bringing out some new fans with different colour options to better suit a wider range of PC builds. Beyond that, there is a new cooler coming specifically for AMD’s massive Threadripper CPU. There is also a new AM4 low-profile cooler on the way for those making the jump to Ryzen.

First let’s take a look at the new fans. There are some new black fans, which will have replaceable corner mounts to suit colours. There are also a few new industrial fans, which are built for durability and can even be placed under water without breaking. Finally, there is also a new PWM fan controller, which is Noctua’s way of trying to fix the PWM ecosystem.

New fan designs allow Noctua to ship new coolers with slightly redesigned heatsinks with different fin spacing and more heatpipes. We see this in effect with two of the new AMD CPU coolers Noctua revealed this week.

We got our first look at AMD’s new 16 core Threadripper processor earlier this week and the chip turned out to be surprisingly large. While most companies won’t be redesigning their coolers to cover the entire heatspreader, Noctua has opted to do so with some of its coolers. Outside of the larger base, not much has changed, with the same heatpipe design and fin stack. According to AMD, the hot zone is directly in the middle of the CPU, so heatpipes will be placed directly above the hot zone.

Finally, Noctua also showed off the NH-L9 low-profile AM4 cooler. This cooler will work well with the 95W TDP 8-Core Ryzen CPU at stock speeds (prior to overclocking) and will be very effective for 6-core Ryzen variants, even while overclocked. The fan on this unit uses a new blade design that has a polymer-based material.

KitGuru Says: It’s great to see Noctua exploring some new fan designs and offering more support for AMD CPU users.

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