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Computex: Tesoro updates peripherals, displays gaming chairs

In one of our last pieces of Computex news, our man Leo Waldock went to visit the Tesoro booth. While he was there, he got a look at some updated mice, keyboards and even some gaming chairs from the company.

While we were there, we got a look at the Ascalon, Sharur and Sagitta mice, while we also saw the Durandal and Tizona keyboards. The mice are incremental upgrades over previous iterations, but the keyboards are slightly more interesting.

The Durandal, for instance, is the companies’ flagship keyboard and actually uses Cherry MX switches. I have previously reviewed the Tesoro Excalibur V2 keyboard, and that actually used Kailh switches, so Tesoro seems to be stepping it up here.

The Tizona is also interesting as it features a detachable num-pad, in a manner that is reminiscent of the ROG Claymore. It looks like the Tizona still uses Kailh switches, but hopefully that should keep the price down.

Finally, Tesoro has also introduced the Gram Spectrum and Gram Spectrum SE. The former uses mechanical switches, meanwhile the SE version uses Tesoro’s own optical switches. The thinking behind this is that a piece on the bottom of the key cap can break the light beam and register keystrokes with no mechanical contact. This would be particularly beneficial in internet cafes, where spilled drinks etc may occur.

There is also an ultra low-profile keyboard on the way from Tesoro. We could not find a name card for this particular keyboard, but it sports RGB lighting and should be good for those who prefer chicklet style keys.

Lastly, we also got a look at a couple of new gaming chairs from Tesoro. The Zone and Zone Evolution chairs both look like standard race chairs, but they do support a range of features including full 180 degree backrest recline, adjustable arm rests and dedicated lumbar support.

KitGuru says: Does anything in-particular catch your eye from the Tesoro booth? Personally I’d like to try out the Durandal as it looks like a top quality product.

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