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The most gorgeous systems at Multiplay i51 – Part One

While the event itself is a celebration of pure gaming enjoyment, and most of the 19,000 turnstile clicks over the Bank Holiday weekend will belong to gamers with regular style PCs, there's no denying that some folks make a lot more effort and boy does their work attract some serious attention. KitGuru pays homage to the horniest systems in the house.

The audience at Multiplay is big. Really big. Lots of gamers – all serious about winning.

For the most part, they will be focused on frames-per-second.

But, as we all know, once you start to increase the performance of your gaming rig – you are inside with a screwdriver – at which point you may as well make it look awesome.

Some of these systems are pro-class, built by the exhibitors at the event – while others belong to the gamers themselves.

Our earlier coverage featured some cool stuff, this is a tech-porn follow up that we hope you enjoy.

Walking through the main hall at the Ricoh Arena is like walking through a very large Christmas tree. We almost walked straight past this system, nestled between a pair of bright HD screens, but we're so glad we did. Check the close up on this Parvum creation (Get used to that name – you will be seeing more of it!)



In Ye Olde Dayes, men might show their love for a woman by creating a sculpture or painting.
These days, love struck folks with a Dremel choose a different solution to romance.


The outside grabs your attention immediately (as well as the fact that the owner is a babe!), but check the up-close detail.


One of Prince's most famous songs was ‘Blue Light'. Maybe he has this system in mind when he penned that hit.
Love the Glug-Glug water cooling reservoir at the back.

Finally, for Part One, we have the Parvum system that took pride of place on the Asus stand.

We grabbed an up-close and personal shot while the chaps were configuring for even higher performance.

This kind of chassis IS available to the public from Overclockers.


KitGuru says: While there are clear differences between modding and performance – there's no denying that a beautiful looking system can make everything you do feel better. Whether you prefer the hardcore tube works of a YOYOTech/8-Pack or the sculpted beauty of Parvum – Multiplay Insomnia i51 is a cracking place to get new ideas and fire the imagination for your next build. Come back for Part II shortly.

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