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The most gorgeous systems at Multiplay i51 – Part Two

Welcome back hardware lovers. Did we successfully get your juices flowing in Part One?   Good.  We didn't stop searching for beauty all day long and we were up late last night picking the very best for you. Here's the second instalment of the Most Gorgeous Systems from Multiplay i51 at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry over the Easter Bank Holiday.

Gaming with your mates normally means a few guys pop over and slump on your sofa.

If you're more serious about gaming, then maybe your crew bring their rigs over to your house and spend a day or three raiding.

Multiplay is on a completely different scale. Hall after hall after hall – full of hardcore gamers – playing non-stop for 4 days.


So, walking around all of these halls, we came across some impressive rigs. Including this one from Eclipse.

We love the contrast of colours in that rig, but we also love the more traditional blends.


But what if a system's blood wants to run white instead of red or blue.
There's no mist inside, but way these tube glow, it almost feels like there is.


We can take liberties with the next system, because YOYOTech's design guru Kevin managed to ping us a perfect studio shot (right hand side) earlier today.
It gives you an idea as to why YOYOTech's sales guru Ryan is giving the thumbs up to this new design at i51. Very 70's retro chic chaps.

Whenever we saw a deep red glow emanating from a gamer's rig in the main hall, there was a fair chance that we'd see a small ‘Start' button.

To those in the know, only one mainboard has this feature in the top corner. Can you guess which?
While we should restrict the number of times a system builder can appear in this line-up, there was a very cool rig on the Antec stand which must be given a mention. It's based on the whopping great Nineteen Hundred chassis and it has been fitted with a load of liquid cooling goodness. We couldn't shoot the crowd on the Antec stand AND get the system right at the same time, so here's a crowd and a fully loaded system combined. You can composite them yourself in your mental eye.


Lastly, here's a beautiful shot of PC Specialist‘s master creation. The ‘items' in the bottom left hand corner are, in fact, wrist bands.
John Medley and the guys up in Huddersfield put together a mean rig when they put their collective minds to it.

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