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Here’s what’s on at Multiplay i51

Chillblast is another retailer vying for your attention (and pounds) and has a few systems of its own at the fore. 


That includes these custom Yogscast ones, which you can win in its latest competition and buy at a discount over the weekend. 


One brand that's doing the rounds which many (myself included) may not be too familiar with, is iRock. It's apparently one of the most popular brands for Eastern gaming – like the Asian Razer. Look out for reviews of its products soon. 


OCUK is a name you'll no doubt be familiar with, especially if your PC isn't up to scratch when you arrive. As with the previous Multiplay LAN events, OCUK is offering free hardware delivery to your desk, same day, so if you don't want to wander the few hundred metres to buy it in person, you can have it hand delivered.


There's also an installation service for hardware bought on the day, so if you're not a dab at PC building, you can have a pro handle it. No promises that 8Pack himself will put it together for you,  but he is here if you want to shake hands with the only ripped nerd in Coventry right now. 


Cooler Master has its usual array of keyboards, headsets and cases on show, with a few different systems you can play on if you want to try them out. There's a big focus on mechanical, with different switches for you to find your favourite. 


Personally I'm a brown fan, which is why it was nice to have a quick go on the Quick Fire Rapid-I which we previewed recently.

However there's a lot of different switches to try out on a variety of keyboards, with red, blue, black and even green and white – two switches I'm told, that are most popular in the East. They're not for me though, 80g+ activation is just asking for sore fingers at the end of a long typing/gaming session. 


PC Specialist are here as usual, with a giant stand that's twinned with a few other manufacturers. 


Probably it's most eye catching item though, is this PCSpecialist branded HyperX memory from Kingston, with a custom red heatspreader. It's not available yet, but I'm told it won't be long until you can grab your own. 


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