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Here’s what’s on at Multiplay i51

However beyond the usual PC peripherals and systems, there's some new tech on show, like the Quantum Leap Technology screen. It gives you glasses free 3D, by using two cameras that track each of your eyes and projecting individual images for each of them.


It works surprisingly well and can handle any normal 3D movie. However, it does have some drawbacks, like costing around £1000 for a 16″ display, and it only works for one person at one time – so it's really for laptop movie watching only.

There's also some console gaming areas, with both Sony and Microsoft showing off their new-gen systems. There's a real contrast in effort put into the booths though. Here's the one for the PS4:


…and here's the one for the Xbox One:


The Indie Zone is in full swing as usual, with a lot of new developers showing off their wares. One of the ones I tried out this morning was Narcissus, a devilishly difficult game for one or two players, but whatever the configuration, you have to control both characters.

If you want to try it out, it's available on Greenlight now and there's a flash version online.


Guild of Dungeoneering shows a lot of promise too, with a great, hand-drawn art style and a nice combination of board and card game mechanics. One to watch for sure.

Check it out on Greenlight here


The Retro Zone is always busy at these events and even early this morning it started filling up. There's Mega Drives, NESes, SNESes, Gamecubes and a host of other machines for you to play on, all on glorious CRT screens that must have broken the backs of the poor guys that carried them in.


Or you can go and play the Lego movie game in this bus. You don't have to look quite as intense as this guy though. 


KitGuru Says: And that's about it for my first rundown of i51. There's a lot more on besides what I've shown here, including Tshirts stands, Minecraft expos, meet and greets with Youtube stars and of course all the BYOC and tournament action. 

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