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Exclusive interview with Dino PC CEO Vladimir Kuznetsov

One of the most unusual names in the UK gaming market, Dino PC has now been supplying high-end hardware to gamers and enthusiasts alike for more than a decade. KitGuru took the opportunity to catch up with the company's founder, Vladimir Kuznetsov. 

Based in North West London, Dino PC has been a low-overhead, e-commerce enterprise from the start.

How did Vladimir get into this industry in the first place?

“When I started the company 10 years ago, most of the major PC manufacturers were still using standard components and overclocking was largely for the specialists and enthusiasts that did it for themselves”, said Vladimir.

So his angle was different?

“While a lot of people come into the system building market from a business perspective, I am a hardcore gamer at heart”, he told us.


How important is it to create systems specifically for gaming?

“Take a look at graphics cards”, he explained. “System builders were ‘playing it safe' for years and offering low cost cards that struggled with most games. That's because they were looking only at the bottom line. They had no passion for gaming and building. When you experience weak frame rates yourself, it makes you focus more on GPU technology in your system specifications”.

We have to ask. Why the name?

“Really, it was a bit of fun”, said Vladimir, smiling.

“People remember when Dino PC first launched. They remember the name and the adverts, because we didn't take ourselves so seriously. We produce some great machines and they're all backed by our 3 year warranty, but they are for gaming”, he said. “For fun”.

“Customers should be thrilled when they get a new box, excited by the specs. Like opening a present”.

“When you walk around the chain stores with their hum-drum systems for £299 or £399, you just feel depressed, said Vladimir. “We want to add some excitement. That's why we create machines like the MicroRaptor, Pegasus and Infernodon. People want ‘different' in their lives”.

So is it all about desktops?

“Laptop gaming has exploded”, Vladimir tells us excitedly. “We are finally at the stage where you can get a desktop-level specification, capable of playing all the latest games at sensible frame rates, but in a portable solution that doesn't need massive biceps to move around”.

“The keyboards and screens are also way better these days, but most gamers will still plug in a keyboard and mouse themselves”, he said.

“The real improvement has been in mobile graphics”, he explained. “The nVidia 800 series is really special. Even our £699 Pegasus now has a 2GB GeForce GTX 860M with a Core i5 processor”.


KitGuru says: If you've never seen Dino's full range, we'd recommend you have a look at Vladimir's site. It's angled toward gamers and they use every dinosaur image/pun available.

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