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Facebook is missing the option to delete posts on desktop

By now, Facebook users are accustomed to jarring changes every once in a while, often resulting you hating your own force of habit due to buttons shifting around. This time, the company has decided to take an entire button away, leaving many unable to delete their own posts from the desktop version.

Confusion befell the internet as users flocked across different social media sites, complaining that the ability to delete posts had completely disappeared. As The Next Web’s Matt Navarra states, no, “it’s not just you!”

As you can see, the option is nowhere to be seen on the desktop version, with the only compensation being the ability to still “hide from timeline.” Strangely, the option to delete a post entirely is still available from the mobile version of the website, as well as iOS and Android apps.

Naturally, due to the lack of parity between the platforms, this seems like a bug. Either that or Facebook is gearing up for something bigger that it’s not telling anyone about just yet. As it stands, it seems that I am personally not affected by the problem, so make of that what you will.

The company has yet to officially address this issue, and is instead focusing on other updates in the meantime.

One of the more welcome features in the coming months is the complete removal of game invites, in which Facebook has given developers until February 2018 to axe any functionality that would bother users who don’t engage in the games.

KitGuru Says: Hopefully this is just a bug but Facebook isn’t exactly unknown for making controversial decisions that annoy its user base. Do you feel reluctant to post now that the option is in limbo?

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