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YouTube Live improves latency and adds native iOS support

YouTube has gone through many changes lately, from updating its logo and redesigning its interface last week to updating its livestreaming service today. YouTube Live is being overhauled, with low-latency streaming that mimics real time and the ability to directly stream from Apple’s mobile products.

YouTube Gaming previously had the ability to livestream some games directly from iOS via Apple’s ReplayKit, but now the feature is coming straight to the YouTube application. Users will be able to stream from their iPhone or iPad from various apps and games, utilising the built-in microphone and camera to make it easier to create content that you’d similarly find made on a desktop.

Users will find a new ultra-low latency setting under Stream Options, making it possible to steam with less than 2 seconds of latency. This is perfect for content creators who wish to interact with their viewers, answering questions and replying faster than ever before. This new option doesn’t require any special prerequisite, just the selection between Normal, Low or Ultra-Low latency.

With the added Ultra-Low latency setting comes the ability to improve chat moderation. YouTube has taken this opportunity to add three new chat moderation tools, comprised of Inline moderation, allowing the streamer to pause and make amends to chat, the ability to hold potentially inappropriate messages with a system that learns your preferences and a shared hidden user list.

KitGuru Says: While YouTube Live is still relatively small in comparison to Twitch, it is good to see these iterative improvements pushing forward on the future of the platform. My personal favourite of the improvements so far is the integration of the Dark Theme in the options. Do you stream on YouTube? What do you think of the changes?

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