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Ban on Playstation 3 lifted by the courts

KitGuru reported last week that the Playstation 3 was a victim of custom seizures. This was due to LG accusing Sony of using BluRay technology that LG had developed. They attempted to get Sony to pay for the technology by forcing a preliminary injunction against the import and sale of Playstation 3’s.

As we reported, this injunction worked, with customs officials throughout Europe seizing the Playstation 3 consoles at the borders. Dutch police were even told that they could have been able to seize consoles already sold to the public.

stocks will start increasing again in Europe, now the ban has been lifted

The courts however have reviewed the case and have taken Sony’s side, lifting the injunction and leaving a massive bill on LG’s lap for 130,000 euros. Sales of the Playstation 3 have been hurt a little, due to low stocks in many countries but this comes as a kick in the teeth for LG as they may reevaluate their stance on taking legal action on the patent claim.

LG haven’t issued any statement yet as to whether they are going to let this matter drop, or pursue it further. If they continue losing they will face many more legal bills, however if they did manage to get a successful verdict, Sony would end up owing millions in patent fees.

KitGuru says: More information as we get it.

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