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Hate Facebook Timeline? Vote with your wallet

Here at KitGuru, we run regular polls to know what you, dear reader, think. Sometimes the results are predictable and sometimes they are balanced. But every now and then, we get a huge surge in opinion – and it’s all leaning one way. The single biggest emotion/response to Facebook’s new Timeline is ‘Hate it with a vengeance’. We’ve pondered this and think we might have a solution.

Facebook have promised that you’ll never have to pay for the service. So that’s one major revenue stream scuppered.

At the same time, they are struggling to get people to engage with advertisers and ‘click on stuff’.

If you don’t want to move to Facebook Timeline, then maybe you should click to contact then with this simple message:-

I solemnly promise that if you force me to use Timeline, then I will never, ever click on an advert.
I am happy with Facebook where it is, please don’t change it

There, can’t say fairer than that. You can deliver this message to Facebook through the Help Button.

The least you can do is be honest - and make sure that everyone you know is honest too

KitGuru says: We have a lot of traffic and many of you reply to our polls. You’ve told us, very clearly, that the biggest group of KitGuru readers (a) Like Facebook, but (b) hate Timeline with a vengeance. Here’s your chance to offer the only currency you have. If you don’t like it, be truthful with the new owners.

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