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Google maps solution to Apple maps dysfunctionality

Apple is one of the few companies on the planet that can get away with launching products that simply don’t work. When it launched an iPhone that struggled to make phone calls, customers around the world simply learned to hold their phones differently. Now Apple has a mapping system that’s …

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Cougar Solution Chassis Review

While you may have recently read our Cougar Evolution chassis review, Cougar are better-known as a manufacturer of Power Supplies. Currently, they only have 5 cases on the market; the Cougar Solution, Volant, 6XR9, Evolution and the Evolution Galaxy.  The Cougar Solution Chassis was introduced at the beginning of this …

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Hate Facebook Timeline? Vote with your wallet

Here at KitGuru, we run regular polls to know what you, dear reader, think. Sometimes the results are predictable and sometimes they are balanced. But every now and then, we get a huge surge in opinion – and it’s all leaning one way. The single biggest emotion/response to Facebook’s new …

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Working around Sandy Bridge problem

But how safe is it? Intel doesn’t really do ‘Total Recalls’ like this. It’s scary stuff. The company that effectively made the global market for microprocessors is such a galactically huge corporation, with advanced R&D the like of which has never been seen before, that no one ever really expected …

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