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Prevent Facebook using YOU to sell products

During a BBC documentary that aired just ahead of the Facebook IPO, one of the more worrying aspects of Facebook's future advertising policy was exposed. And quite shocking it was too. But there is a way around it.

KitGuru shows you how to hide behind the sofa when Facebook wants to expose you.

Millions of Facebook users never check their settings or the legal contract that they are operating with Facebook.

In many cases, there probably isn't an issue and you're as happy with The Social Network as it is with you.

But what if, one day, you were peering over a friend's shoulder and saw that a brand of Chardonnay that you drank once, 3 years ago, was being offered to your friend – using your name and/or photo as part of the advert?

With the default settings on Facebook, saying you like ‘something' means that Facebook is entitled to use your ‘Like' to sell that product to your friends. With your endorsement.

If you love this idea – then ‘rock on' – nothing need be changed/edited/amended.

But if you prefer to do your own recommending, then can we suggest the following ‘red' options:-

Roll through the HOME page options (little triangle) and choose the bits in red in order to take control of adverts featuring you that will be pimped to your mates and family.

KitGuru says: Being asked if you want to promote a product is one thing, but to have that kind of intimate/warm/personal recommendation generated by the million, automatically and with your name/face all over it, feels wrong. But that's just us.

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