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Intel’s drones dance in new Disney light show

It turns out fireworks aren’t the only way to light up the sky at night – you can also use drone technology. That’s what Disney has been trialling in a new partnership with Intel’s new Shooting Star lightweight drones, creating a 300 strong choreographed performance called a Starbright Holidays light show, at Walt Disney World in Florida this Christmas period.

Disney World is well known for its light shows, often using projection or ground based lighting for the effect. Now though thanks to Intel’s entertainment focused, Shooting Star drones, it’s able to do something a little more exciting. The 300 drones can light up the sky in a variety of hues, be choreographed into unique shapes and patterns and move into position quickly and quietly.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5CQPcPF2Qc’]

The first show took place last night and can be seen in the video above. This marks the first time so many drones have been used for this purpose in the U.S. before, as well as the first public outing of Intel’s new drones.

Although the show is only a few minutes long, the light-show drones can stay airborne for 20 minutes at a time and weigh just 280 grams, so are incredibly lightweight – which is what makes them so manoeuvrable. They are also are splash proof and can fly in light rain.

A single computer is used to control the entire performance and new shows can be programmed in a matter of days using specially crafted software.

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KitGuru Says: Although this first run of the Starbright Holidays light show isn’t the most exciting, it is quite beautiful seeing all those lights twinkling away to Disney music. You have to imagine the show will become much more complex and interesting over time. 

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