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Tesla Model 3 now officially on sale, pre-orders top 115,000

Tesla has been advancing the production, marketability and availability of electric vehicles around the world for a number of years now, but it's never really made them affordable for the average consumer. That's what the Model 3 is designed to fix, with its £25,000 price tag and expansive 215 mile range, it could be the first electric car for the masses.

Although the more affordable electric car is now available to order, it won't begin shipping until late 2017 and is restricted to two per person, so don't go in expecting to own a fleet of the vehicles within a few weeks' time. That doesn't mean they haven't proved popular though.

Along with championing the unveiling of the car itself, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been impressed by the interest in the car and has added several other applicable countries to the order list, suggesting that international support has been higher than expected. In total some 115,000 people put down $1,000 to reserve one of the first Model 3s when they launch.

Part of that interest is because of U.S. government incentives, which are offering a $7,500 (£5,200) subsidy for the first 200,000 buyers; thought the car itself has impressed in its own right.

Despite the much more economically viable price tag, the Model 3 is still able to travel 215 miles before requiring a charge, can go from 0-60 miles per hour in under six seconds, will feature the autopilot system which lets it drive by itself on motorways and in traffic jams, charges in almost no time at all thanks to its “supercharging” feature and has plenty of storage space at the front and back.

All that extra room is possible because of the electric motors being far smaller than traditional combustion engines.

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KitGuru Says: I'd drive one of these if buying a brand new car a year and a half in advance was the kind of thing I could afford. 

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