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Tesla prepares for ‘hard times’ by laying off 7% of its staff


Elon Musk’s personal vendetta with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) didn’t hinder Tesla’s bottom line last year, as the company managed to make its first-ever quarterly profit. In order to maintain this trajectory throughout 2019, it seems as though Tesla is forced to implement some extreme cost-cutting measures, …

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Elon Musk sells 7,000 Boring Company branded flamethrowers

It seems that Elon Musk’s head is firmly buried in the clouds, as his Boring Company began selling branded flamethrowers over the weekend. Tweeting about the milestones the bizarre product has hit, it seems that he’s already unloaded $3.5 million worth of them. The flamethrowers are listed on the company …

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Tesla’s Gigafactory 1 is starting to get pretty damn big

When Tesla’s Gigafactory 1 lithium-ion production facility is complete it will be the largest building by floor space in the world. It’s not quite there yet and isn’t expected to be finished until sometime in 2018, but it’s coming on apace. Even with just 14 per cent of it completed, …

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What we learned from Elon Musk’s AMA


From Pirate Parties to Paypal founders, we’re looking at a few AMAs this morning, but we can’t pass up the chance to look through all of the things Space X CEO, Elon Musk was asked about in his. Moving swiftly on from the questions about poo disposal and electric busses …

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Boeing challenges Space X in a race to Mars


Considering how young Space X is as a rocket developer, it’s somewhat surprising that it seems so advanced and forward thinking, especially when it comes to getting people to Mars. Boeing however isn’t happy letting it take all the limelight and has challenged the Elon Musk founded company to the …

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Elon Musk pledges humans on Mars by 2022

Late last night, Elon Musk addressed attendees at the International Astronautical Congress and outlined his plans for Mars colonisation. He believes that Space X can get human boots on Mars by 2022, reduce costs to as little as $100,000 per person to travel to the red planet before long, and by …

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Space X wants to get back on the horse by November


Space X has announced its intention to begin Falcon 9 rocket launches again as soon as November this year. This news comes after a recent catastrophe that saw one of the rockets explode on the Cape Canaveral launch pad, taking with it a $200 million Facebook owned satellite, as well …

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