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Elon Musk sells all 20,000 Boring Company branded flamethrowers

Elon Musk set Twitter alight over the weekend when his Boring Company started selling $500 flamethrowers. Attracting 7,000 sales over the course of its first day, it hasn’t taken too much longer to sell all 20,000 as Musk tweeted out that the product was sold out as of today.

Despite the lighthearted nature of the act, this racks up a cool $10 million to fund other, more serious projects such as Musk’s SpaceX program and his tunnel digging ventures. That’s if he doesn’t get burned by U.S. politicians in the process, given that California Assemblyman Miguel Santiago has vowed to push legislation that would block the sales of The Boring Company’s flamethrower from reaching anyone in the state.

For those that have managed to snatch up a Boring Company flamethrower, delivery estimates are aiming for spring 2018 and every order will be accompanied by a complimentary Boring fire extinguisher.

And if you’re one of the many that missed out on the opportunity, USA Today points out that there is a more expensive XM42-M from Ion Productions Team sitting at $899 including delivery. The range being between 25 and 50 feet breaches the 10 feet limit posed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives that Musk stated in defence of his gadget, however, so be warned.

It’s hard to tell what Musk has next up his sleeve as everyone cropped his comments on the flamethrower prior to sale to simply be a joke, however the entrepreneur has hinted at the possibility of a “snowthrower,” so keep your eyes peeled on The Boring Company in the near future.

KitGuru Says: This all seems like such a random turn of events and certainly isn’t what I expected to be writing about this week. What do you think of Musk’s humour? Did you manage to grab yourself a Boring Company flamethrower before they sold out? And how about the teased snowthrower, would that interest you?

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