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iSAW EXtreme Action Camera Review

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Here’s the EXtreme sat on a camera tripod.

5 P1000140
And here it is connected to one of the adhesive bases.

There are other mounts in the iSAW accessory listing (link), including a chest strap, a head strap and a suction mount to secure the EXtreme for motorsport however most of the hardware comes in the package and those optional extras are for specialist applications. Take a look through the Go Pro product catalogue and while you have to admire their inventiveness it looks like a damn fine way to spend money in lumps of £20, £40 and £50.

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The package includes a USB cable which might come in handy however I used a card reader to transfer photos and movies from the MicroSD card to my PC and I used one of my old phone chargers to connect the EXtreme to a wall socket.
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6 DSC01549
6 DSC015506 DSC01551
The Li-Ion battery is a 1,200mAh unit. The label actually says 1.200mAh however that is wrong and it should be a comma rather than a full stop.

3 DSC015313 DSC01532
3 DSC015343 DSC01535
The bare camera measures 61mm x 43mm x 42mm and weighs 112g and as you look at the photos it is worth reminding yourself that the 2-inch LCD screen pretty much fills the back of the EXtreme. It is a tiny piece of hardware.

There are two buttons on the front that you use to adjust digital zoom and also to navigate your way around the set-up menu. The button on top is used to turn the camera on and off and also acts as a shutter control for taking photos and movies. When you’re in the set-up menu this is the button you use to select an option. It can get a bit fiddly but the three buttons are really all you need.

Although the Extreme has a Micro HDMI port next to the USB port you do not get the necessary cable in the package.

4 DSC015394 DSC01540
4 DSC015434 DSC01544
4 DSC01545
It might seem that life would be a little easier with a jog pad but this would be a nightmare to use with the waterproof casing and in my view iSAW has struck the correct balance here.

5 DSC015465 DSC01547
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