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Amazon launches new wearable tech store

Amazon has just launched its new wearable tech store, featuring products from familiar brands such as Sony, Samsung and GoPro. However, there are some more obscure products in there,  including a pair of wireless charging trousers from A. Suavage- allowing you to charge your phone in your pocket for just £889.

“The advances in wearable technology mean that customers can now charge their phone through their clothing, monitor their sleep patterns and even track their pets,” commented Xavier Garambois, Vice President of EU Retail at Amazon. “This new store allows customers to find whatever they are looking for in one place – whether that is tracking fitness, staying connected through smart watches or capturing every adventure with wearable cameras.”

Amazon wearables


There are a lot of companies releasing wearable devices with all different functions and purposes.For the most part though, a lot of wearable devices seem to be aimed at health tracking.

Andrew Milliken, Director of Consumer Electronics at Amazon.co.uk Ltd, commented:

“With designs continually becoming simpler, smaller, and more stylish, devices have become increasingly useful and fit seamlessly into everyday life. As well as offering the biggest selection, the focus is also on providing customers with all the information they need to understand these new devices and make the best possible choice.”

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KitGuru Says: If you were hoping to have a closer look at those wireless charging trousers then you might be out of luck for now as you can't actually find them on the store yet. What do you guys think of wearable technology and wireless charging? I find wireless charging to be a bit odd as you still have to charge the dock, I see it as more of a spare battery solution. 


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