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Amazon now offers unlimited cloud storage

Amazon has announced its new subscription tiers for its online storage service, ‘Cloud Drive’, with one of the options offering up unlimited storage. Those with Amazon Prime or owners of an Amazon Fire device will already have access to unlimited photo storage, but now two extra tiers are available to non-Prime members.

As you would expect, the unlimited photos plan will let you fill up Amazon’s cloud servers with as many photos as you want for $11.99 a year. However, there is a 5GB cap on the amount of files you can store that aren’t photos.


If you want to store as many files as you want in the cloud, regardless of file type, then you will need the Unlimited Everything Plan, which is Amazon’s fully unlocked service, although it comes at a price. For unlimited file storage you will need to cough up $69.99 per year, the service is not available here in the UK at present.

The pricing is actually very competitive, especially when stacked up against rival services like Dropbox, which offers 1TB of storage for $99 a year. OneDrive on the other hand costs $74 per year, so Amazon’s offering is cheap in comparison.

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KitGuru Says: Amazon’s cloud storage service seems competitively priced, although not everyone has the need for a cloud storage service. Do any of you guys use a file locker like Dropbox or OneDrive?

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