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Amazon may bundle internet access with Prime in Europe


Over the last couple of years, Amazon has been finding new ways to draw people over to its Prime subscription service. Right now, Amazon Prime packs in faster delivery, video streaming, Twitch benefits and eventually, Amazon may also offer its own Prime Internet service. According to reports this week, Amazon …

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EU Commission may make geo-blocking invalid in Europe

As much as digital streaming companies like Netflix and Amazon have offered us more content in the past few years than has ever been so easily accessible before, one major frustration remains: geo-blocking. However in the future we may all have the same content available, as the European Commission (EUC) …

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Netflix is still against allowing offline viewing

Recently, Amazon Prime Video announced that it would be allowing its users to download shows for offline viewing, similarly to how Spotify allows subscribers to listen to their music playlists offline. This obviously raised questions for Netflix, which has been against offline viewing in the past. It turns out that …

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Amazon now offers unlimited cloud storage

Amazon has announced its new subscription tiers for its online storage service, ‘Cloud Drive’, with one of the options offering up unlimited storage. Those with Amazon Prime or owners of an Amazon Fire device will already have access to unlimited photo storage, but now two extra tiers are available to …

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Amazon spent $1.3 billion on streaming last year

If there was any indication that Amazon considers Netflix one of its biggest opponents in any industry, it's this. In 2014, the retail giant pumped over $1.3 billion (£860 million) into its streaming service, Amazon Prime Instant Video, helping to fund new programming like the award winning Transparent. This cash …

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Amazon launches Prime music streaming service

Amazon's Prime membership has even more value thrown in now that Amazon has officially launched its rumoured music streaming service with more than 1 million songs available. The service is only available in the US for now and Amazon hasn't mentioned anything about a UK launch just yet. That said, …

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Amazon start monthly Prime membership

Amazon have made a change in America to their Prime service which allows a portion of customers to subscribe on a monthly basis, rather than pay for full year. The PRIME service is popular with regular Amazon customers as it can save them a large amount of money over the …

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Google may be working on Amazon Prime competitor

Reports from the Wall Street Journal are surfacing that Google may be going to challenge Amazon's Prime service, launching sometime in 2012. Google reportedly want to set up a service which would allow their customers to receive products bought online within a 24 hour period. Like Amazon Prime, it would …

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