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Amazon to require £20 minimum spend for free delivery

Amazon made the unpopular decision last year to put a minimum spend on free delivery. It seems that Amazon becoming less willing to foot the bill for postage as it has doubled the minimum spend requirement from £10 to £20 in the UK to qualify for free delivery.

Amazon has not confirmed exactly why it has opted to double its minimum spend for free delivery. However, it is likely that its Prime membership subscriber count took a hit last year when it upped the price to £79 per year and now, it wants to push the option more aggressively by making it seem like a better deal in comparison.


Starting from 6PM tonight in the UK, you will need to start spending at least £20 for free delivery. If you should opt for a Prime membership instead, then you will get unlimited next day delivery at no extra charge, along with access to Amazon's Prime Video streaming service, which is attempting to rival Netflix.

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KitGuru Says: I've had run-ins with Amazon's minimum spend in the past while ordering small items such as extra leads and cables. That said, postage and packaging isn't cheap so I understand why Amazon would want to impose a minimum spend, although £20 seems a tad high. What do you guys make of this? Do you shop at Amazon regularly?

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  1. meh, Many websites offer free delivery for orders not much over £20. Not willing to spend £70 a year and also have to spend a minimum of £20 everytime I need something next day.
    Oh well, it was handy while it lasted.

  2. Prime should of course have a monthly payment option (couldn’t find that when I looked for it), because 80 per year is not that crazy. I’m currently paying more for Netflix (HD option) and that does not give me free shipping on anything. So if Prime offers enough quality streaming, it’s definitely a good deal.

  3. If you have prime next day delivery is free. The £20 minimum spend is only for non-Prime members.

  4. Amazon instant video is a joke. The selection is bad, the service is unavailable ANYWHERE ELSE OUTSIDE OF YOUR COUNTRY OF ORIGIN, and there are no subtitles if you dont have the US version. I got my first year student discount, but they can bet that it’ll be my last year with them.

  5. have not tried Prime yet although i will because i do spend a good amount on Amazon. That said i think£20 is not too much to ask in some respects however if i buy say 4 things that come to £20+ do i get free next day or are we talking in each purchase separately.

  6. They prefer me to buy my small things at eBay then do they? Or do they think I will spend more

  7. There is a £10 min already? I just ordered a £6.50 item and got free next day….

  8. Paul Anthony Soh

    I need Free Shipping ALL the time, regardless of what I buy. I can’t fork out extra for shipping costs anymore. That’s why I shop eBay.

  9. Irishgamer Gamer

    I remember when amazon used to be cheap.
    Point in fact a microwave I was after was 10% cheaper at my local electrical store…….

    SAD (Same model number)

  10. Pay your taxes before scumming us on delivery charges, please.

  11. James Williams

    It doesn’t apply to all items, some just have free shipping. Many items are called “add-on” items and have a minimum spend on the total order