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BT to boost entry-level fibre speeds to 52Mbps

We all know how frustrating BT can be to deal with at times here in the UK but if you do happen to use their Fibre service, then you may soon be treated to faster speeds. BT has announced that it is bumping up the speeds of its entry-level fibre package from 38Mbps to 52Mbps, which is a nice 32 percent increase in speed.

The BT Infinity 1 package now offers the fastest speeds for an entry-level fibre connection in the UK, with Virgin sitting behind at 50Mbps on its entry-level fibre connection. However, Virgin-Media does offer faster top-end speeds, with home connections reaching 200Mbps and business customers able to get a 300Mbps connection. BT's Infinity 2 package on the other hand offers top speeds of 78Mbps.


Obviously to get the effects of this upgrade, you will need to be capable of capping out the 38Mbps connection already, which means those paying for Infinity 1 but only getting around 20Mbps down speeds may not see any difference from this. Those who want the new speeds can upgrade for free but it will involve being tied to a new contract.

For new customers, the Infinity 1 update will cost £12.50 a month for ‘unlimited' data usage but that comes bundled with £18 per month line rental and a £49 activation fee. You can find all of the details, HERE. 

KitGuru Says: While it is great to see BT offering better speeds with entry-level packages, there are still quite a few areas in the UK that are incapable of benefiting from higher speeds due to line restrictions so hopefully there will be some upgrades made there too. 

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