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EE, Virgin Media and Vodafone sign up for UK net neutrality

Virgin Media, Vodafone and EE have signed up to support the Broadband Stakeholder Group's voluntary code for an open internet. The three providers are actually a little behind as Sky, BT, O2, TalkTalk and six others signed up all the way back in 2012.

While the trio of providers might be a little late to the game, the BSG is still glad to see them sign up to its own version of net neutrality. Matthew Evans, CEO of BSG, commented on the state of the net neutrality debate over in the US: “Unlike some countries, where net neutrality has become a controversial topic for discussion, the UK benefits from a fiercely competitive market and high levels of transparency – which together offer the best assurance of an open internet”.

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“The code now provides an even stronger and more effective foundation, whilst also allowing for an environment where new business models for internet-based services which benefit consumer choice can thrive.”

Agreement to the BSG's net neutrality code requires operators to “ensure that full and open internet access products, with no blocked services, will be the norm within their portfolio”.

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