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Google Chrome is set to get a redesign

Ever since Android Lollipop, Google has been moving towards a new ‘material design' with its software and now, it looks like Google Chrome will be following in that same direction over on the desktop. Screenshots of the redesigned version of Chrome began popping up over the weekend, showing off little tweaks to the way Chrome looks, with an overall ‘flatter' design and new buttons for things like bookmarks.

The newly designed Chrome will also feature a new incognito mode, which will use a ‘dark theme'.  There will be a newly designed downloads page, a new Settings page with a better layout for options and a new extension page.


the-extensions-page-has-also-been-redesigned-with-individual-tabs-for-each-extension this-is-the-updated-settings-page-which-now-has-clearer-options-for-appearance-search-and-changing-the-default-browser

The screenshots come from a report from The Next Web, which also notes that while Google's new Chrome design is currently functional, we don't know when it will roll out just yet. Perhaps it will arrive in the upcoming update that will help web pages load 25 percent faster. 

Google also recently updated Chrome for iOS, making pages load up to 75 percent faster. Those using Chrome OS will also soon be getting a redesigned media player.

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