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Google Glass 2 to launch next year powered by Intel

Google is reportedly planning to release a new Intel powered version of its Google Glass wearable next year in an effort to re-spark interest in the technology as adoption of the first generation device dies down.

Sources are currently expecting Google to call its new eyewear ‘Glass 2', the company will also be scrapping the Texas Instruments chip it has used up until now in favor of an unspecified Intel chip. This should also help with Intel's plans to boost its presence in the mobile space.

According to The Wall Street Journal, “it isn't clear what Intel chip Google will use in the new version of Glass, but there will be an emphasis on power conservation”.


In return for using its chips in Glass 2, Intel will supposedly promote the device heavily for Google, while also developing new work place uses for the device in hospitals or manufacturing facilities. Apparently, targeting enterprises with Glass 2 and other devices will help the wearable market “grow exponentially” next year.

Yorgen Edholm, CEO of Accellion, said that: “In 2015, wearables will find their first footing in the enterprise, which will alter the way companies look at BYOD policies and solutions. Businesses need to expect and prepare for this shift from a data security standpoint. Look at Google Glass. Its most compelling use case is in industries where hands-free computing is a matter of life and death – surgeons, field workers who are fixing machinery.”

However, while Intel will help push Glass 2 in to the work place, Google is still intending to heavily target consumers as well. Currently less than five per cent of the 300 Google employees working on Glass are focusing on getting the device in to work places.

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KitGuru Says: Intel and Google have yet to comment on this news but it seems like the two companies could form a strong partnership. What do you guys think of this? Will this move help Intel's struggling mobile division? 

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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