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Google shuts down Glass social media accounts

While we do know that Google is still working on its Glass concept behind closed doors and plans to bring its smart glasses to enterprise customers this year, it seems that Glass name could be no more. This week, Google finally shut down all of the Google Glass social media …

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First image of new Google Glass revealed

Right at the start of 2015, Google made the decision to stop selling Google Glass in its current form and put a stop to the device's open development, bringing things back behind closed doors. Since then, we've heard the odd rumour here and there but Google hasn't talked about Glass …

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Google Glass 2 may ditch the display

Google Glass is still alive and well behind the closed doors of Google X. However, even with development now taking place behind closed doors, that isn't stopping us from getting any information on what could be coming. The latest news seems to be that one of Google's Glass 2 variants …

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Google Glass 2.0 to be re-designed from scratch

A while back Google made the decision to end production on the current Google Glass model that we have come to know since its launch back in 2013. The company has since taken Glass development behind closed doors and will be redesigning the next model from scratch. Speaking to The …

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Google Glass 2 to launch next year powered by Intel

Google is reportedly planning to release a new Intel powered version of its Google Glass wearable next year in an effort to re-spark interest in the technology as adoption of the first generation device dies down. Sources are currently expecting Google to call its new eyewear ‘Glass 2', the company …

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