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Google’s next version of Glass to feature ‘rugged’ design

We have been hearing more and more about Google's next version of Glass recently and now it looks like the next iteration of the wearable will go through a bit of a redesign in an effort to make it more rugged and durable for enterprise use. Google is currently working on the Glass Enterprise Edition as it prepares to take the wearable in to a slightly different direction.

According to 9to5Google, Glass Enterprise Edition won't be too different from the ‘Explorer Edition' wearable we are all used to seeing, though it will be re-purposed and designed around use in businesses. The popular rumour and leak site has knowledge of a few Glass prototypes that are nearing completion, making it clear that we won't be seeing much of a departure from Glass as we know it.


Internally though, Glass Enterprise Edition will feature a few improvements, including a larger prism display and an Intel Atom processor, two things we originally heard about a few weeks ago. Alongside that will be a larger battery and better heat management, something that the original Glass suffered from occasionally.

Google has a few ‘Glass for Work' partners, so the Enterprise Edition will likely be sent out to these select workplaces for testing and feedback. The report also notes that we do not currently know anything about pricing or retail availability, although the likelihood of retail availability seems low.

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KitGuru Says: Since Google is not currently targeting consumers with Glass as it did in the past, we likely won't see the new version out in the wild much, if at all. Though it will be interesting to see what Google has in mind for workplace use when it comes to the Glass wearable. 

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