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Lenovo is launching its own HDMI PC stick

Some time ago, Google launched the Chromecast, a little HDMI dongle that brought smart functionality to TVs. Since then, both Qualcomm and Intel have come up with their own HDMI dongles designed to allow users to do basic PC tasks without the need for a full on desktop machine or …

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Nokia announces N1 Android tablet

The future of Nokia has been uncertain for a while now but it looks like the company is still kicking around as it has just announced the N1 tablet, one of the first devices to use a reversible USB-Type C connector. Reversible USB cable specifications were first settled on back …

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SeaMicro’s new low power server has 512 Atom cores

SeaMicro today announced a new low power server which contains 256 of Intel's Atom N570 dual core processors. The new SM10000-64 has 512 Atom processing cores which operate at 1.66ghz, which when combined deliver 850GHZ of processing power. Intel's low power Atom processors are generally used in netbooks and low …

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BloodHound 1000mph SSC car – Intel ATOM powered

Last year Intel signed a deal with Bloodhound to become their official IT Partner. Intel have been hard at work with the guys creating a high tech car which runs on ATOM processors. Recently KitGuru sat and chatted with Alistair Kemp, Intels friendly PR Manager – he was keen to …

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