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Google pushing ahead with plans for paid service

It seems that Google is pushing ahead with its plans to launch a paid YouTube service some time this year. So far, the company has signed up partners that make up around 90 percent of YouTube views, though apparently Google's efforts on getting TV networks involved are falling a bit flat.

According to a new report, Fox, NBC, CBS and other networks are holding back on signing with YouTube, according to sources speaking with Bloomberg. Google is trying to get TV networks on board in an effort to lure people in to signing up for a paid YouTube membership but it looks like the company will largely have to rely on its own content creators.


The fact that the majority of YouTubers have already signed up isn't too surprising. As 9to5Mac points out, YouTube's terms and conditions mean that if partners don't opt in to the new subscription system, they can't monetize their videos or upload publicly.

While getting networks involved is proving a challenge for Google, it may not be too huge of a problem. After all, YouTube's top viewed videos are often from regular content creators rather than broadcast TV shows. Music Videos also make up a larger chunk of the viewership.

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KitGuru Says: Google hasn't really been profiting off of YouTube. In-fact, last year the service apparently broke even, so it isn't surprising that Google is looking to monetize the service a bit more. Additional subscription revenue could end up making up for money lost to ad-blockers. That said, we still don't know how popular a subscription YouTube service would be, Google would need to add in some compelling perks. 

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