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Google thinks surveillance reform will come next year

Following the NSA leaks, many people out there on the internet have suddenly become very conscious of their privacy and security. The sheer extent of unwarranted government surveillance going on behind the scenes was somewhat shocking. However, Google thinks that things may change for the better next year with surveillance law reform.

To support this, Google has set up a special page on its ‘Take Action' hub, asking people to sign what looks a lot like a petition to “help make the internet more secure for everyone”.


Why will 2015 be the big year for reform? The company has noted that “in June 2015, we have a huge chance to protect Americans from mass surveillance when a key part of the USA Patriot Act is set to expire”. This means that the best time to take action, in the US at least, will be around June next year, following a change in the law.

Large tech companies, like Google, will obviously have some community sway when it comes to organizing a political movement. Google's own political expenditures have risen over the last couple of years, which makes sense as governments and tech companies have been going head to head over a number of topics in recent years.

Google's Take Action community is currently three million members strong.

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KitGuru Says: Several tech companies have spoken out against government surveillance this year, maybe next year we will see them begin to take action. Google has got the ball rolling, now we just have to see if more follow.

Source: Tech Crunch

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