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Konami DMCA’d MGS fan art on Twitter

Konami is something of an enigma, sometimes it almost seems as if the company doesn't want to sell games at all. This week is an exciting time for Metal Gear Solid fans, after the final chapter in the long-running series released on Monday. So as with any big game launch, fan art started popping up, unfortunately, it seems that Konami doesn't appreciate its more creative fans, as it issued a DMCA notice for a fan image found on Twitter.

The fan art likely caught the attention of Konami after Hideo Kojima retweeted it. As a result of the copyright claim, Twitter has removed the image from public view, though you can still see the original tweet itself. 

Twitter DMCA

Copyright claims against fan art is pretty rare, usually publishers and developers are happy to see fans of a series produce something creative. However, as we have learned over the last few months, Konami is far from being a normal games publisher.

In other news, Konami is also failing to properly update people on Metal Gear Solid V server issues. The company is currently only pushing updates to its Japanese social media channels, neglecting its US and UK accounts entirely.

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KitGuru Says: I think many would agree that this is a pretty bad move from  Konami. The company's public image is already bad enough following the Kojima fallout… 

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