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NBC Universal and others caught faking takedown links

Copyright Troll

One of the tactics that movie studios, music labels and copyright trolls use in taking down sites, having them blocked or attempting to extort money, is to find links to infringing content and either use them as court evidence, for DMCA takedowns. It turns out though that some groups manufacture …

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More YouTubers are getting silently dropped from monetisation

Since Google's acquisition of it back in 2006, Youtube has always been a bit of an opaque organisation. Getting through to support has never been easy and often changes are made without much consultation with the content creators. Lately that lack of transparency is causing real problems for some video …

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Google asked to take down 1500 links per minute

Media companies have lumped Google with a lot of responsibility when it comes to fighting piracy, so much so that Google now handles two million takedown requests every single day. According to Google's own transparency report, the company received 65 million takedown requests in the last month alone. The math …

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Google is finally willing to protect Fair Use on YouTube

Over the years, YouTube has become a huge platform for content creators. Over the years, it has seemed like the copyright system on YouTube was stacked against creators, with no real fair use protection against bogus copyright claims. Now, YouTube is finally doing something about it with a new fair …

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Konami DMCA’d MGS fan art on Twitter

Konami is something of an enigma, sometimes it almost seems as if the company doesn't want to sell games at all. This week is an exciting time for Metal Gear Solid fans, after the final chapter in the long-running series released on Monday. So as with any big game launch, …

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Columbia Pictures DMCAs official Pixels trailer

Pixels launched earlier this month and the movie is not off to a good start with critics, with an abysmal score of 17% on Rotten Tomatoes. However, it seems that Columbia Pictures is still pretty worried about piracy as the company has been sending out mass amounts of DMCA claims, one …

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Sky News live stream shut down by DMCA from Fox News

TV and movie companies are constantly throwing around bogus DMCA notices and copyright claims around, though they are usually placed with the intention of combating piracy, rather than shutting down the competition. This week, the official YouTube live-stream of Sky News was pulled thanks to a copyright claim from Fox …

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Reddit to clarify removed content with new reports

Reddit, “the front page of the internet,” has been going through some changes in the past few months, in an effort to open up some of its decision making and staff dealings. It released a transparency report earlier this year, which gave users an idea of how often it complied …

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BBC DMCA notice demands Top Gear IMDB take down

The BBC appears to have fallen foul of the drag-net effects of automated DMCA takedown tools, as in an effort to curb piracy of the on-hiatus motoring show, Top Gear, it's demanded that the show's own IMDB page be removed, along with other bizarre URL's like the DailyMotion home page. …

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