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Konami sends out DMCA claims over new Silent Hill concept art leak

For months now, there have been persistent rumours that a new Silent Hill game is in development, possibly multiple. Now, new leaks have come to light showing concept art for a new Silent Hill game, and thanks to a swift DMCA claim from Konami, we know the leak was likely real. 

DuskGolem, a leaker who previously has a solid track record with Resident Evil leaks, took to Twitter last night to share several newly obtained images showing concept art for a new Silent Hill game. The leaker also claims that characters like Anita and Maya will return, and there may be some ARG elements to the game, including the ability to send text messages to your phone. Interestingly, this claim about text messages in the new Silent Hill has been made before by current Sony Santa Monica writer, Alanah Pearce.

The leaked images in question were subject to a DMCA claim from Konami within hours of the tweets going live, seemingly a direct response to try and supress the leak before it got too much attention. Unfortunately, the opposite has happened, as the DMCA claim has essentially ‘confirmed' the leak in the eyes of many.

These specific pieces of concept art were reportedly from 2020, but the leaker did not mention which studio was working on the game. While the original tweet no longer contains the images, they have been saved and shared elsewhere, including the resetera forums.

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KitGuru Says: It seems that Silent Hill will be making a return after all and could be heading for an official reveal this year. After all, we've been hearing rumours about this for around three years already. 

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