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Microsoft is urging users to upgrade to Internet Explorer 11

Despite the company's new focus on the Edge browser, Microsoft does still have Internet Explorer knocking around with plenty of users. In an effort to keep pushing forward with the browser, Microsoft recently announced that by next year, it will no longer be supporting older versions of IE, urging users of the browser to upgrade to the latest version in order to receive security updates.

Internet Explorer is still widely used, particularly in schools and businesses here in the UK and other parts of the world but if those users don't update to Internet Explorer 11 before the 12th of January, they will be left open to malicious attacks and exploits that Microsoft won't be patching up.


Obviously Microsoft also highlighted the other reasons to upgrade to Internet Explorer 11, or even the Edge browser, as both offer improved performance and security by design. Enterprise users can be slow to update at times due to fear of any software incompatibilities, but Microsoft solved this problem with IE 11, which has a legacy mode, allowing for compatibility for older web-based apps.

Paid technical support for older IE browsers will also end on the 12th of January, so even paying customers will need to move on in order to stay up to date security-wise. There has been a huge rise in cyber crime over the last few years, so being as secure as possible is generally a pretty good idea.

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KitGuru Says: I don't imagine many enthusiast home users are running Internet Explorer at all but this is still pretty important information to spread around. Some people may just use whatever browser their system ships with and may not realise they have to update. 

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