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NASA to launch 4K TV channel in November

NASA has announced that it will soon be launching a TV channel dedicated to showing off ultra high-definition footage. A company called Harmonic has stepped in to help the space agency with its new channel, which is set to officially launch on the 1st of November.

Right now, NASA is calling this the “first ever non-commercial consumer ultra-high definition channel in North America”. Harmonic's video delivery infrastructure will allow NASA to broadcast video at 4096×2160 at 60 frames per second.


The channel won't be too different from the current NASA TV, by the sounds of things. You will be able to view it on the web, though you will need a connection of 13Mbps or higher for a stable stream. The channel will also show up on traditional TV, as NASA is currently in talks with satellite and cable companies in the US, though “no deals have been finalized” just yet.

NASA will mostly be showing off 4K footage that it has been filming on the International Space Station this year. The space agency will also be re-mastering old footage from historical missions. You can see the full announcement, HERE.

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KitGuru Says: The NASA channel will only be available in the US but it is still pretty interesting news.

Via: The Verge

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