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New battery tech can fully charge a smartphone in 30 seconds

Battery technology hasn't scaled well with smartphones, leaving consumers wishing for bigger and better batteries and while energy efficiency has improved a bit, many users find their phones dying before the day is done. This is where Israeli startup StoreDot comes in, the small company has created a Bio-Organic battery that can charge a phone from from flat to full capacity in just half a minute.

Don't get too excited just yet though, it's still a long way off- three years to be exact. The current prototype isn't small enough to fit inside a smartphone but over the next few years StoreDot will be taking its $6.25 million in funding and using it to refine the technology. Speaking to TechCrunch, StoreDot CEO, Dr Doron Myersdorf said:

“We are about one year from a functional prototype that will be inside the device. Right now we show a battery that extends beyond the form factor of the smartphone. So in one year we’ll have reached the size, and in two years we’ll reach the required energy density for the entire day. So we are talking about three years for a commercial ready device. So I assume it will be three years before you can actually purchase it on the market.”


One of the company's rumoured to be investing in the technology is none other than Samsung but if more phone manufacturers got on board with this, we could see it come to the consumer much faster.

KitGuru Says: It has been a long time coming but we are finally seeing progress in the mobile battery space. 

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