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Uber hits the billion journey mark in just five years

Uber is laying claim to having completed more than a billion journeys with its ride sharing, app-based taxi service in just five years since it began operation in 2010. Although it has faced stupendous opposition from traditional taxi firms and transport authorities, and makes giant losses every quarter, it continues …

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Google investment partner thinks we’ll all live to 500

Medical technology is advancing so fast, that a partner in Google’s investment department believes that as long as we can live for another 20-30 years, we’ll be able to make it to the ripe old age of 500 without too much difficulty. His reasoning? The ultra fast development of new …

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Startup apps might be about to get a lot more secure

Startups are a great thing for any industry, as they bring in new people, new ideas and often that leads to innovation. However when it comes to smartphone apps, it can also lead to vulnerabilities and stolen data, as the developers don’t quite cover the bases in terms of security. …

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New battery tech can fully charge a smartphone in 30 seconds

Battery technology hasn’t scaled well with smartphones, leaving consumers wishing for bigger and better batteries and while energy efficiency has improved a bit, many users find their phones dying before the day is done. This is where Israeli startup StoreDot comes in, the small company has created a Bio-Organic battery …

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This is what the PS4 sounds like when it starts up

Has the release of the next-gen got you all excited for the new developments in graphics, connectivity and gameplay? Don’t be so dull, there’s more to it than that: like how the consoles sounds when you hit the on button. With that in mind, here’s a PS4’s start beep. [yframe …

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Apple is trying to trademark the word startup

Apple is well known for trying to trademark generic terms in an effort to push out competitors or at the least draw licensing money from companies and individuals wanting to use that phrasing. It did this before when it attempted to trademark the phrase app store and now it’s doing …

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