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New episode of Arrow leaks on the web before it airs on TV

We've had a few notable TV leaks over the last few years. One season premier of Dexter leaked online weeks before schedule, this year we saw several episodes of Game of Thrones leak ahead of the season 5 premier and now today, people are downloading a new episode of Arrow, days before its scheduled TV slot. The leak came from a preview DVD, which features a rough cut version of the episode intended for review purposes.

If you haven't seen Arrow then do be aware of potential spoilers. This episode is the first to feature DC character, John Constantine, which may partially be why someone felt the need to leak it early.


Thousands of people have already downloaded and shared the rough cut/leaked version of the episode, which is due to air on the 4th of November. As you can see above, the episode starts with a warning, stating that the DVD is property of Warner Bros for review purposes and should not be shared. The exact source of the leak is unknown, though I imagine Warner Bros is investigating things internally and won't be too happy with the culprit if found.

It will be interesting to see if a leak like this will have an impact on TV ratings when the episode does air later this week.

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KitGuru Says: These kind of leaks seem to be happening more and more regularly at the moment. Though I do wonder if these occurrences would happen less often if episodes were made widely available around the world, online legally shortly after airing.

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