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Nintendo’s YouTube partnership program is having problems

Nintendo announced its new creators program recently, allowing YouTubers to partner up with the publisher for gameplay videos but the company seems to be having trouble getting through the amount of submissions it has received so far.

Now that the partnership program has come out of beta and is open to the public, some channels have submitted some videos for Nintendo to review. Originally, Nintendo said that the review process would take two to three days, unfortunately, that seems have slipped.


“Due to your enthusiasm for the program, we’re receiving a higher volume of applications to register channels & videos than expected,” reads a new update on the program’s website. “It is taking longer than we anticipated to confirm the applications. We appreciate your patience as we work through them as quickly as possible.”

Nintendo also put a little reminder of its rules for videos and channels. It won't be paying for titles that it is not willing to let be monetized, such as Bayonetta 2 and Super Smash Bros. For channels, they need to contain videos on the supported games on Nintendo's list.

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KitGuru Says: Nintendo's new partnership program is completely backwards and many successful YouTubers have been critical of it  so far. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the publisher is going to trade its policies in for good PR any time soon, which is a shame.

Source: Nintendo Creators Program

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